Mia is a sweet and loving Arctic/Timber wolf cross.
Miakoda is the prospective mother of our next litter of puppies.  She is an Arctic and Timber cross and is a product of Ambassador bloodlines. Mia has been socialized at many different places and with lots of people beginning when she was only a few days old.  She has visited rock concerts, country music concerts, restaurants, wineries and even a wild west shoot out with gunfire. She loves being in the spotlight. Tummy rubs and new "people toys".  She is truly beautiful inside and out. 
Her Story: Our beautiful baby Mia started life as a perfect little pup. Unfortunately we were novices at the time we got her and have now learned lessons the hard way.  This is probably why we will be a bit more skeptical with potential "parents" of our pups.  We certainly don't want to see that same heartache happen to someone else.  When Mia was about 10 weeks old she was badly bitten by our (we thought) sweet Malamute female.  The bite was so horrific that it punctured her nasal cavity and a tear duct on her left eye.  Because of this, she has a  physical injury causing her upper jaw to be shorter than her lower. We bring this to light because we DO NOT want to see this happen with our puppies. It broke our hearts to see our  picture perfect girl be so injured.  It has not effected her in any way absent her facial beauty but the fact that it happened is haunting.  Lesson learned........
The first two photographs are of her when she first came home. A perfect baby girl.