George Bays Washington state(non-registered)
Gorgeous animals.
John Nelson(non-registered)
I live in the beautiful mountains of Oregon. Recently I lost my best friend zuey he lived to be almost 12 years old he was a purebred Brazilian mastiff. I drive a truck for a living he went with me for 7 years imagine 155 pounds in a truck as he started to age it was time for him to stay home with my company is good I'm home every weekend and at least 3 days out of the week. I knew the time was getting closer to his passing. I took a short run, called my wife to check on him, he's doing good he's out side walking around his 1/4 acer of course he lives in the house with his own couch and bed witch is ours. I was gone over night came home the next evening around 5:30 he was laying down. I said to my wife he not going to make it so say your good bye, she said he just ate dinner. As I was laying down with him he look up at me started giving me kisses, I held his head in my arms, look at my wife and said zuey is saying goodbye it's time to go my wife said no he's not, I said hewas talking to me and wanted me to say it's OK and I did after he face he passed in my arms. Still today I Shedd tears because he was my life. He lies in my back yard. What really hurts he left his mate Athena witch is a Hybrid wolf Shepard. She has not been the same. She's a rescue.they were going to put her down at 12 months old now she is 5 years old. She is a.mid to high content .I am looking to rescue or purchase the same but a male puppy I'm willing to pay up to $800.00 for the right puppy. In return I can guarantee a loving home with a 1/4 acer 6 foot wooden fence wit a 6 foot chain link behind it for protection he will start his journey at home indoors and out to come and go as he please then will be my companion in my 18 wheeler. So if your the one please email. We have our own veterinary.all medical must be up to date with his shots.thank you and I hope to here back soon
Dino & Anita Pitman(non-registered)
your wolves are beautiful. we would a wolf dog because Dino is Oneida Indian. Add you may know the Wolf is a party of Indian culture. A puppy would be a great addition to our family. We are looking for a country home with room for animals. It may be a year before we can get serious about a pup. you come highly recommended for your high quality wolves. Thank you for your consideration.
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