Wolfdog Puppy Sales to Good Homes

We have very special parents with lines that include ambassadors, teachers and even television and film stars! 

Our male is from a line that includes animals appearing on The Jay Leno Show, the TV series, True Blood, Game of Thrones and, in the final movie in the Twilight series. For this reason, we want to ensure that our puppies go to loving and qualified homes so that the lines can continue to teach that these animals are special and not "big bad wolves".

A little about our breeding pairs and potential puppy color..  Mia's parents were a black timber and a white arctic/timber cross.  All but one of their pups were white. Nasoba's parents were both black as were all the pups. Maeve's parents were both black phase but they produced a recessed gene grizzled grey in Maeve.  Red Skye's parents were both greys as were all the puppies.

In most cases a neutered animal is best. We offer a spay/neuter incentive with our puppies. Show us your proof of spay/neuter within the first year and receive money back!

Wolfdog versus wolf ? Is there a difference?

What exactly is a wolfdog and why are there "high content" vs not?  A wolf is a canine as is a dog. There are high content wolfdogs meaning they are wolfdogs that have been selectively bred in captivity and bred for bonding with humans. Both wolves and dogs are canines. A mid-content or low content are wolves that have been bred with a domestic dog breed.  For instance we also have a mid-content that is Timber Wolf and German Shepard.  Reading some of the information contained in these links will give you a better idea of what to expect from each and what you are willing (and able) to commit to.

Owning a Wolfdog is exciting, challenging and can be rewarding to those willing to take the time to learn and teach. It is a shared experience for both wolf dog and owner and should never be taken lightly.  

Remember, an ignorance issue is NOT stupid. It means you are doing what you should do to be ready for your new family member.  Having been there, we are well aware that owning one of these animals in an ongoing learning experience.

We very much want to help all potential wolfdog buyers.  If you have ANY questions about the content of a wolfdog that you are contemplating purchasing, ask LOTS of questions. For example, if someone tells you that they sell "high content" wolf dogs and they pups are born in August, think again! High contents are born once a year ONLY and ONLY in the spring.

  • Read up on owning a wolf/wolfdog and the laws in your state
  • Find out what and how much they eat
  • How can they be socialized to people and other animals?
  • A strong enclosure is a MUST!. This is our 30' by 50' with 9 gauge chain link. 8' tall with a roof guard.
  • A good read is: Wolfdogs A to Z and Living with Wolfdogs By Nicole Wilde  www.nicolewilde.com

There is always something to learn and questions are good things! In most cases a neutered animal is best. We offer a spay/neuter incentive with our puppies. Show us your proof of spay/neuter within the first year and receive money back!

Containment cannot be stressed enough for these animals:  No one wants to lose a pet and certainly not one that could be misunderstood by the general public as being "a big bad wolf". They need 8 feet tall and at LEAST 9 gauge chain link with at least a partial top.  Cement is best for flooring but we can talk about alternatives. PLENTY of water and shade from heat. They are energetic and need space and EXCERCISE. A bored wolfdog is a bad wolfdog. Our excercise area is 3 acres fully fenced with 9 gauge fencing and includes large boulders for climbing, running room and oak trees. The area you see below is about 1/2 acre of the 3 that is completely fenced for running and playing.

Other Small Children and Pets: Wolfdogs of any content are not recommended for those with small children or other small pets.  They are not good watchdogs, are not pets but, they ARE family members demanding as much attention as a human child.  I take that back, they are GREAT watch dogs,  That is exactly what they will do when someone walks out of your house with the big screen TV.......watch.